Our Approach

TDH works to create shared value for the company’s key stakeholders and society. TDH believes that the company can make the biggest impact by leveraging its engineering expertise to address critical social issues and equipping engineers with tools that accelerate innovation and discovery.

Shared value is integrated throughout the business at TDH. In many cases, the company’s shared value goals support its top-level business and operational goals, and in every case, its shared value efforts support the company mission and long-term success.

By creating shared value, TDH focuses on the issues that impact the company and society the most—meeting the world’s most critical engineering challenges, preparing the next generation of engineers, and improving human life and the health of the planet.

Our Story

In 2007, working in the SLT's home, founded a new company. They attempted to incorporate under several names. Finally, they settled on the current name of Thor Dar Hein.

Meet the Team

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TDH CSR Program

Every year, TDH support students and universities with CSR Program.

Green Tech

Green Saving

TDH values Green Saving and Clean Tech


TDH Innovation

TDH invests profits to RND for continuous Innovations.

CSR Program

TDH Career